Corporate & Personal Taxation

Direct Taxes

Direct taxation in India broadly refers to the Income Tax and Wealth tax laws which involve personal tax, corporate tax, minimum alternate tax, capital gains tax, international tax and transfer pricing.

We offer services in each of the above mentioned areas of tax and regulatory compliance.

Tax Strategy & Compliance

Our endeavour is to formulate an ideal tax strategy for our clients which is compliant with the law, legitimately reduces the tax bills and yet is not prone to invite litigation.

Our specialist tax partners have a responsibility to ensure that the clients tax bill is optimised and they do not pay any unnecessary taxes. This involves a complete understanding of the ever changing tax laws which offer innumerable tax optimisation opportunities in the form of deductions, exemptions and claims for losses and expenses. Coupled with an intimate understanding of the clients business and structure the potential tax strategies are formulated, discussed and finalised to minimise the tax bills Having said so, we also recognise the fact that the tax strategy should not be overtly aggressive and should not increase clients tax risks so as to plunge them into protracted litigation.

Our tax teams constantly monitor the development of jurisprudence, the statutory pronouncements and the amendments in tax laws which invariably have far reaching consequences on the clients’ tax strategies. Our knowledge plays a pivotal role in tax planning, advisory and compliance services.

Our regulatory compliance services ensure that the clients attain a high level of stringent tax law compliances.

Tax Strategy & Compliance

We provides representation services to clients at all levels of tax hierarchy ranging from assessment to administrative and appellate stages. We have competence and resources to serve clients at all levels of appellate stages ranging from Appellate Commissioners, Dispute Resolution Panel, Income Tax Appellate Tribunals High courts and the Supreme court of India. We also provide services relating to obtaining rulings from Authority for Advance rulings and advance pricing agreements.

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