Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a relatively new tax in India, having been introduced in 2017 and is charged on most business transactions in India. Being an evolving tax, GST in India, is both complex and dynamic, since frequent policy and legislative changes are being made which are both Federal and State specific. Furthermore, from different rate structures, partial exemption calculations, composition scheme, to reverse charge rules, cross-border trading etc. the possible pitfalls and complexities are many.

It is vital to get professional GST advice as the cost can be great if you make the wrong decision. Advance planning is invaluable. We at Nirbhaya & Associates can advise on entry/exit strategies, pricing, supply chain, ERP structure, documentation, drafting including review of various agreements, record keeping, compliances, etc.

Particularly in State specific Legislations, like VAT, the Firm is able to address issues arising in all the states of India due to its pan India reach.

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